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Application Distribution

Whether your are building a new project, or want to add features into an existing project, Kleeen has an application distribution solution for you.

Two Ways to Distribute Code

Complex application development demands access to the source code in two unique ways.

Standalone Web Application

Perfect solution for new projects, providing you the full front-end stack with a standalone react web application.

Kleeen Infusion

Patent-pending technology to integrate features and workflows generated by Kleeen into existing projects (even if they are not written react).

Application Distribution

Streamline the Building of Your Application

Need to build a standalone serverless web application? Kleeen can generate frontend design and the full stack quickly and efficiently. Projects generated by Kleeen have a great UI, utilizing best practices, security, and top-shelf features. All right out of the box. Easily enhance and extend what Kleeen generates by adding custom styling, widgets, pages and modals.

Enhance Existing Applications

Already have an existing application? Utilize Kleen on your existing application (even if it is not built in React) without rebuilding the existing project. Kleeen’s patent-pending Infusion functions as almost features “on-demand.”  This isn’t an iFrame or a classic “embedded app,” but true integration with your project so your end users cannot tell the difference between your hand-built and Kleeen.

Application Distribution

Experience the Kleeen Software Solution for Yourself

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