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Basic Concepts and Information about Kleeen Authoring

Welcome to Kleeen Software

Here are a series of quick tutorials to help streamline using Kleeen Authoring’s 1.0 UI. We suggest going through these at least once before starting, and then using them as a reference for future questions.

Is there a topic not covered here? Please email your kleeen representative and we will add a video to help you move forward!

How do I Get Started?

How do I Setup My Project?

How do I Create an Entity?

How do I Add an Attribute?

There are multiple videos here for different attribute examples that can be combined together in your product in new and creative ways.

Time Series Attribute


With Stoplight Colors

To an Existing Entity

How do I Inherit Attributes between Entities?

How do I Add Actions to an Entity?

How do I Edit an Entity?

How do I Understand Workflows?

How do I Create a Workflow?

We describe how to create multiple types of workflows, each with their own video

Entity Browser + Table Listing

Entity Details

Custom (Code) Workflow

How do I Create a Widget?

There are different types of widgets, so this section has a video for each of the types

Visualization Widget

Config Widget

Action Widget

Custom Widget

How do I find Other Features of Kleeen?

How do I Deploy an Instant Prototype?

How do I Connect my Backend to a Kleeen Generated Front End