Product Release Notes

Keep Up to Date on Our Lates Features and Updates

January 5th, 2021 v1.

Custom Views on Entity Browser

Support for multiple custom views on Entity Browsers.

Improved Source Code Export

Now it’s possible to specify the branch name to which your code will be exported on GitHub

Custom Prototype Naming

Instant prototypes can have a friendly URL like *

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Date/Time format support for all fields on summary details panel and filters.
  • Fixed minor style issues on the UI.
  • Solved Kleeen API memorization issue.
  • Fixed issues on Summary Stats cards where min/max values where not displayed.

December 21st, 2020 v1.

Smarter input elements

The UI will automatically identify the best form input for any given scenario, from select to checkboxes, including autocomplete and radio groups.

Filter based on relative times

From Past 24hr to Past Week, time ranges are now easier to choose.

Notifications WebSocket

Available to all Export Code projects is a web socket to be use for push notifications.

Sparkline aggregations

Trend and Largest aggregations are now available to Summary Stat cards.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved UX on the sub nav with less than one view.
  • REmoved scroll on full screen visualizations.

December 14th, 2020 v1.

Multiple Full Screen Viz

Support for multiple full-screen visualizations on Entity Browsers.

Date range filtering

A new filter option is available to select a date range to be applied to a search.

New gauge visualization

New gauges for severity and percentage values.


On Dashboards and Entity Browsers, data can be pulled every period of time.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Dashboard refactor to support the newest features added to Entity Browser.

December 7th, 2020 v1.

Visualize Conceptual Model

Added our 0.1 version of a graph visualization of the conceptual model to visually show relationships between all entities.

Enhanced Configuration workflow

Custom widgets and actions are now available to the Configuration workflow

New numeric list component

Enhanced design for numeric lists on widget visualizations with background highlights

Custom columns order

Easy drag and drop to reorder columns on lists.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • New Area Macro/Micro chart for Trend goal.

  • Edit on summary details is now optional and can be customized independently from the Entity at any time.
  • Fixed error on Pie chart label for aggregated results.
  • Improved legibility on tables with severity values.
  • Fixed missing empty space issue on column names.
  • Removed whitespace on Rich Entity Details preventing a proper layout alignment.
  • Improved tokens layout on columns with multiple items.
  • Format on lists will now default whenever back-end format data is missing. 

November 27th, 2020 v1.

Date/Time Format

Specifying date and time format is now possible from the Authoring tool.

Virtual Scroll

New virtual scroll on lists improves UI rendering.

Multiple values are now allowed on columns

Columns now support multiple values through No Aggregation.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Min/Max filter is now available for Severity Score values.

  • Summary Details panel is now open by default.

  • Improved rules to GitHub export.

  • Custom widget URL is now updated whenever the URL changes from the Authoring Tool.

  • Fix overlapping issue on custom widgets.

  • Fix the issue where boolean values were not being displayed on lists.

November 20th, 2020 v1.

New categorical list component

Now design for lists on widget visualizations

First/Last aggregations

First and Last values are now supported on summary statistic cards

New Top Sumamry section

Based on left navigation a new top summary section is available 

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • New font type available for all end products and instant prototypes.

  • New UI style changes on flat theme.
  • Improved visualizations based on severity score and level.
  • Fix some cross-link issues on entity lists.
  • Fix Add button on entity lists.
  • Fix custom actions issue on entity lists.

November 13th, 2020 v

New Configuration workflow

A new workflow for configuring entities on your products


Extended support for custom styles through code export.

New Visualizations

Packed bubble and step line are now available as ideal solutions for visualizations

New top filter bar

Available in your products to improve the UX with a left-side navigation system 

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • The light theme is the default.

  • Change is now available on the summary panel.
  • Fixed issue on masonry layout.
  • Fixed multi-destination cross-link issue.
  • Improved filter icon.

November 6th, 2020 v1.

Mockup URL for widgets

Now it’s possible to provide a mockup URL for custom widgets. 


Extended support for custom styles through code export.

New Visualizations

Column chart and waterfall have been added to the know list of visualizations. 

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed configuration widget issue when saving.

  • Increased cross-link coverage
  • Default sidebar state to open
  • Improved inheritance on actions
  • Enhanced Change in Count aggregation to support prime entities 

October 30th, 2020 v1.

New Change aggregation

A new aggregation is available

New bar chart visualization

Bar chart is now part of the known visualizations by the system

New Visualization Switcher

End-product-users can now switch between eligible visualizations.

Colored dots for Severity fields

New UI changes to improve severity’s legibility

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved sample data representation on visualizations.

  • Enhance workflow validations to avoid crashes when launching a prototype
  • Summary cards are now available on all dashboards
  • Improved cross-link support on visualizations
  • Fixed filtering on tables for severity
  • Improved optional questions for entity creation
  • Optimized Conceptual Model

October 23th, 2020 v1.

New Flat Theme

New Flat design theme.

New Donut visualization

Donut is now part of the known visualizations by the system

Mockup URL for custom pages

Now it’s possible to provide a mockup URL for custom widgets. 

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved color palette

  • New percentage KAPI type
  • Actions are now editable through the CMM

October 16th, 2020 v1.

Format support

Data format is now available for data types. Changes were applied to USD on visualizations and content.

CMM Edit Entities

New sections on the CMM to edit the end product’s user actions on entities.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Ability to delete widgets

October 9th, 2020 v1.

Masonry layout

New masonry layout to ensure empty spaces are reduced so that you can fit the maximum number of cards into the rows and columns.

General card system facelift

Improved card size to better adapt to its content. 

Support to Add on secondary lists

Secondary lists now support new from user input.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved Conceptual Model Manager edit functionality

October 2nd, 2020 v1.

Severity Level

New severity level based on categorical data.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved severity color handling on pie and polar charts.
  • Fixed average calculation on sample data.
  • Fixed aggregations are based on cardinality.
  • Resolved an issue on the widget builder, preventing you from adding more than four widgets straight in a row.
  • Fixed multi-destination contextual menu issue on pie charts.
  • Fixed issue on the UI whenever inputting a description on a rich entity detail workflow.
  • Improved readability on column headers.

September 25th, 2020 v1.

Severity colors on texts

Severity colors are now applied to all texts.

Change aggregation on tables

New support for change aggregation on tables.

New summary stat cards aggregation

Summary stat cards now include change as aggregation.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed Min/Max settings for integer numbers generated as part of the sample data.
  • Fixed area chart error affecting the plotting of the data.
  • Improved handle of cardinality on visualizations.
  • Improved performance on workflows (Rich Entity Details and Entity Browser).

September 18th, 2020 v1.

Cusutom Modal support for actions

Actions on the end-product now support custom code through modals.

Summary Stats Card - Multiple values

Summary stats cards support multiple aggregations now.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Enhanced cross-linking integration.
  • Improved code standards on code exports.

September 11th, 2020 v1.32.0.93.df7278db

New Severity Score type

K-API now has a new Severity Score type.

Summary Stats Card

Summary stats cards are now available.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed conceptual model missing entities on lists.
  • Fixed end-product crash error on rich entity details

September 4th, 2020 v1.29.2.83.f37bc945

Multiple fullscreen visualizations

Rich entity details now support multiple full-screen visualizations

Multi Destination support on Rich Entity Details

Multi Destination lists are now part of rich entity detail pages.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Update look and feel for onboarding page.
  • Extended detail pages through inheritance.

August 28th, 2020 v1.28.0.80.f80ea613

Rich Entity Details v1.0

Improved UX, and added new features, including multiple lists, dynamic menu, and UI improvements. 

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug present on the breadcrumb section of the data picker.
  • Improved onboarding page.
  • Added the entity display value on Rich Entity Details title’s section.
  • Edit on Rich Entity Details.
  • Enabled Multi Destination Fields as columns on lists.

August 21st, 2020 v1.

Rich Entity Details - v0.9

New and richer entity details workflow

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Support for custom action on tables

August 14th, 2020 v1.

Custom Widgets

Custom code widgets on dashboards.

Visualizations pipeline 2.0

Improved goals for visualizations allow for better mapping on user’s inputs. 

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • None

August 7th, 2020 v.

Upgraded table components

Inline delete


When you have an action widget, Kleeen now supports (and simulates) confirmation, failure and informational notifications!

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • None

July 31st, 2020 v1.

Onboarding screen

When new users sign on to your product, you can now customize the first page they can see

Action widgets

Add widgets which have action buttons

Single Visualization on Entity Browser

Entity browser now has a full-screen visualization option.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved config widgets

July 24th, 2020 v1.

Landing page for end products

What is the first page/workflow that loads when your product launches

Entity browser worklfow

A New workflow allowing for a more complex drill in process… allowing end users to see all records of a given entity type both as visualizations/dashboard and as a list/grid – with a shared set of filters.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Enhanced filtering options
  • End-product logo support

July 14th, 2020 v1.

Dynamic filters

A new filter bar design based on autocomplete that can easily filter large sets of data.

Crosslink on pie charts

User can now to click on a series on a pie chart and Kleeen will automatically access the crosslink functionality.

Multi Destination V1.0

Multi-destination attributes are now supported on all visualizations

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • None

July 6th, 2020 v1.

Multi Destination V0.75

You can now have multiple destinations when CREATING a new attribute (not just on return attributes), plus multi-destination attributes can show up in listing tasks.

Edit slots in CMM

In the conceptual model editor, you can now add and remove attributes of an entity.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed token and color update error on Product page.
  • Improved K-API (Kleeen API) integration on summary details.

June 29th, 2020 v1.18.1.62.d09fd52c

Multi Destination V0.5

Now when you are creating a new attribute, it could point directly back to the source OR point to the source or another entity as well.

Filter on dashboards

On simple dashboards, Kleeen now auto creates filters for you based on the data you are showing!

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • New wording: Tasks are now called Workflows.
  • New option on data aggregations.
  • Improved optional questions on the entity builder.
  • Fixed text break on card’s title.
  • Enhanced K-API (Kleeen API) integration capabilities so you can better hookup your backend/APIs to your front end Kleeen Generated

June 23rd, 2020 v1.17.0.60.f95face3

Instant Prototype Messagges

Improved timing and messages when you launch a prototype, also now the URL is persistent on your product configuration page.

Entity Edit on Conceptual Model

Now you can update explore and your entity details.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Updated styles for navigation bar on Modern style.
  • Fixed error on some visualizations where axes were inverted.

June 15th, 2020 v

Modern Theme Styling

Now choose how to style your product between material design and modern flavors. Each flavor supports both a light and dark mode, and adjust based on your brand color.

Material Flavor
Material Flavor
Modern Flavor
Modern Flavor

Conceptual Model Manager

This is the first phase of our multi-phase release to manage your entities and attributes. In this phase, you can see all entities and their meta data, delete existing entities (that are not being used) and create new entities. In future releases we will support editing an entity, and bulk-create.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • New ‘Add Task’ modal with task description and preview.
  • Fixed a data misbehavior present after deleting the Product.

June 8th, 2020 v

Color Theming

Now enter your brand’s primary color, and Kleeen’s theming models will update all styling with a comprehensive pallet that integrates your color into a broader product’s styling.

HUD / Monitoring

A new task focused on presenting content to “fill” your display with auto-refreshing data. Perfect for keeping your eye on your data as it changes.

Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Enhanced visualizations, with a broader range of plotting data types.
  • Fixed error that prevented users from launching a prototype whenever a Task had the same name as the entity focus.