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Geared for Developer Success

Created by developers, Kleeen includes enhanced features needed for a smooth, and successful development process – avoiding the “gotchas” of no-code.

Product Additional Features
Product Additional FeaturesProduct Additional Features

Theme Management

It’s your application, it should look like it. Style with multiple Kleeen Themes, align with your colors, and ship both a light and dark kit!

Create Reusable On-Brand Themes

Kleeen themes are easily adapted to your brand by adding/modifying the styling. Save these modifications as a theme package for easy reuse. Every new application is kept on-brand with a quick upload.

Product Additional Features

Icon Integration

Kleeen makes the difficult simple. Without any extra effort, insert your icons into your application, including in navigation, tables, view switchers and more.


Adjust and customize your product’s navigation system, with flexibility around layout, icons, and other additional links.

Product Additional Features
Product Additional Features


Kleeen authoring doesn’t interfere with your APIs, your data, your backend, your infrastructure – we never see your data, security or systems. When you author, all of these items are secure, there is nothing proprietary or dictated by Kleeen.

Additional Enhanced Features

Best-Practice Workflows

Tables, dashboards, configuration, detail pages, and more are automatically designed and coded

Automatic Drill-in

Cross-links between workflows are automatically found, for users to investigate and take action

In-Product Visualization Switcher

Empower end-users to change the visualizations on the fly, to other appropriate options

Extensive Data Visualizations

Common visualizations are provided by Kleeen, plus drop-in 3rd party libraries to expand beyond

Notifications & Alerts

Send any message, link or download to end users after then click a button, or un-prompted

Keep Data Up to Date

Keep data current with near real-time and coming soon, real-time refresh

Data Filtering & Context

Auto-generate your filter bar, date range picker and more, with context management provided

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