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Welcome Kleeen to Your Dev Team

Put your resources onto innovative projects that move the needle and add sizzle to your product, and let Kleeen take care of the rest.



Domain-specific Content, Unique and Novel Visualizations/Workflows, and that Sizzle or Cool Factor that catches users attention


Drill-in, Configuration, Detail Pages, Visual Analytics, Monitoring, Filtering, Data Refresh/updating, Dashboards and more.


Theming, Navigation, Internationalization, API Hooks, Notifications, Serverless Web Applications, UI Role Permission Control

Turn Your Team into Rockstars

Offload your front-end infrastructure and common workflow projects onto Kleeen – and uplift your rockstars to develop novel and domain-specific features that move the needle and highlight your value proposition – all while increasing your output and time to market.

… plus many more

Your Automation Platform for Front End Essentials

Every feature combines best practices across UX, UI, infrastructure, and Project-Management. Most customers can launch a prototype with one person in one day.

What your end-users see and how the navigate your product

Generated UI/UX

What your end-users see and how the navigate your product
How your front-end works and runs: the back-end of your front end

Front-End Infastructure

How your front-end works and runs: the back-end of your front end
The process by with you create your UI, UX and integrate with your engineering team


The process by with you create your UI, UX and integrate with your engineering team

Best-Practice Workflows

Tables, dashboards, configuration, detail pages, and more are automatically designed and coded

Automatic Drill-in

Cross-links between workflows are automatically found, for users to investigate and take action

Extensive Data Visualizations

Common visualizations are provided by Kleeen, plus drop-in 3rd party libraries to expand beyond

In-Product Visualization Switcher

Empower end-users to change the visualizations on the fly, to other appropriate options

Data Filtering & Context

Auto-generate your filter bar, date range picker and more, with context management provided

Keep Data Up to Date

Keep Data Current with Near Real-Time and Coming Later in 2021, Real-Time Refresh

Navigation Management

Ensure your navigation system automatically responds to new and removed content

Notifications & Alerts

Send any message, link or download to end users after then click a button, or un-prompted

3rd Party JS Code Snippet

Integrate 3rd party tools (tutorials, behavior tracking, etc) with JS Code snippets

Internationalization Support

UI text auto-generated by Kleeen is ready for translation, with support for language switching

Secure End-User Authentication

Integrate the authentication service of your choice into your project’s login screen

Role-based UI

Enable/disable UI elements and pages based on the role provided by your RBAC system

API Specification Hooks

Kleeen generates all the API hooks for easy integration with the API technology of your choice

Serverless Web Application

We generate full source code for your entire serverless web application stack

Instant Prototype for Testing

Fully functional UI code, running on Kleeen’s cloud with simulated data perfect for testing and demos

Simulated Data

Simulated data makes everything feel real and interactive in instant prototypes 

Theme Management & Switching

Automatically generate light and dark kits, stop-light colors, and styling customization

Your Stack - No Restrictions

This is not a black-box solution, you can hookup any middleware, database, or hosting provider

PR Based Code Export

Export code and changes as a PR, for best-practiced code review – keeping you in control

Manage Multiple Products (2021)

Manage and support multiple products under one account – including end-product switching

Share Products (2021)

Collaborate with multiple people with shared projects, allowing teamwork to create front-ends

Unlock Creativity And Let Kleeen Do the Rest

Focus your team’s time and energy on:

  • Creating Totally Novel Workflow via Custom Pages
  • Making Domain-Specific Visualization via Custom Widgets
  • Leveraging complex forms with Custom Modals
  • Highlighting you Company’s Core Value-Prop (AI, Hardware, etc) by integrating your own stack and services
  • Deploying to your hosting provider(s) of choice

Full Code Transparency

You get all the source Code

Your Stack, Your Way

No Black Box, hookup any API

No Data Duplication

Your End-Points with Your Database(s)

Customize: Never Be Limited

Add custom content, authentication and styling

Automate and Still Own The Code

Don’t change your process — don’t change your stack. Just think of Kleeen like another developer and offload work to free up your high-value resources.

Are You Ready To Move Faster?

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