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Extension of Your Capabilities

Next Generation Development Tool for Developers, By Developers

Productivity Enhancement via Automation

How many tickets can you take off the backlog, and how quick can you make them as done? Kleeen Software extends your capabilities as a developer to get more projects done, or rescue long lost projects from your backlog to appease your customers

Kleeen Helps with Developer Pain Points:


visualizations, filtering data, and view switching

Designing Grids

ensure layout structure is robust

Streamline Authentication

easily integrate your auth system of choice to your front end

APIs & Frontend/Backend Communication

no more guesswork, ensure all data requirements TO and FROM

Component Library

ui elements, visualizations, and form components ready for you to use

3rd Party Integration

integrate with your 3rd party hosting, BI, data, and other services

Pipeline Acceleration

help generate and maintain your front end stack and pipeline


Kleeen Works Just Like a Developer

1. Refine Backlog 1. Refine Backlog
2. Make/Edit Feature In Kleeen 2. Make/Edit Feature In Kleeen
3. Validate with Instant Prototype 3. Validate with Instant Prototype
4. Make a Branch 4. Make a Branch
5. Commit Code Changes 5. Commit Code Changes
6. Submit Pull Request 6. Submit Pull Request
7. Discuss and Review Code 7. Discuss and Review Code
8. QA and Testing 8. QA and Testing
9. Merge and Resolve Conflicts 9. Merge and Resolve Conflicts

Insight First Applications

Visualizations & Charting

  • Matches visualization type(s) based on desired end-user insight
  • End user controlled viz-switcher
  • Automatically turn every table and visualization into a filter
  • Timeseries data granularity control
  • Supports Avatars in-front of text (image, SVG, emoji, letters)
  • Data & Unit formatting
  • In-line quick find in tables (via API)
  • Sorting in tables (via API)
  • Column Reordering
  • High performant tables (via API)
  • Infinite scroll on tables (via API)
  • Extend with custom widgets, custom modals, custom action modals, custom views and custom pages (all written how you would normally but with all the context automated via stubbed files)

Drill-Down + Investigations

  • Automatic Cross-Link anywhere possible
  • Preview from any UI element (dynamically assembled preview content sourced from kleeen generated and custom widget)
  • Investigate (Coming Soon)
  • Sharable URLs (with filters) for collaboration


  • Filtering on any page
  • Possible filters auto-populated
  • Share filters between views
  • Automatic filter to component update and message passing logic (via API)
  • Date range picker with pre-canned range plus custom range
  • Complex/Advanced filters (coming soon)

Form / CRUD / Actions

  • Auto Generate 1-field forms in widgets (selects correct input type)
  • Auto Generated basic “create new” forms (selected correct input type)
  • End users can perform CRUD operations
  • Arbitrary actions that connect to BE business logic
  • Kleen Form Field Check (Validation via APIs)

Backend Data Teams

API & Integrations

  • API spec generation
  • API hook files for any post end-point processing
  • Connect to any API/Database
  • Embed any BI or 3rd party service
  • Inject 3rd party services via JS Snippets
  • Deploy in any stack or on any host
  • Authentication flexibility


  • Standard standalone web-app export option
  • Infusion web-app export for integration with any existing project (micro services with out micro service architecture)
  • Connect to any stack, DB, API or hosting provider

Responsibilities & Infastructure


  • UI Access control from RBAC role
  • Dynamic filtering based on RBAC role
  • Internationalization support
  • Serverless web application
  • Architects application stack + chrome

State Management

  • Auto-Update / Refresh data
  • Refresh interval save between sessions
  • Save filters between sessions
  • Save table state between sessions

Testing & Validation

  • Code ready for testing & QA
  • Instant prototype with synthetic data

Application Chrome

  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Notification Center
  • Help Doc integration in navigation
  • Dynamically assembled pages & layouts

Frameworks & Components

Theming & Styling

  • Dark Kit & Light Kit
  • Automate Icons for Pages & Views
  • Base Color Pallet Generation
  • Autoamte CSS variables (SaS)
  • Upload/reuse a theme for consistency between projects
  • Logo, Company and Product name in Nav

Generated Code

  • Entire project’s human-readable source code is generated
  • Commented source-code
  • Code given over via PR (Standard developer lifecycle)
  • Alternative code access via ZIP download
  • 60+ custom components
  • Architected code repo structure
  • No black-boxed/proprietary kleeen code

Experience the Kleeen Software Solution for Yourself

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