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Kleeen Integrations

Create a single pane of glass for all your data, services, and tools

Kleeen Software Makes Connecting

3rd Party Tools Stupid Simple


Most 3rd party tools use Java Script snippets to allow you to embed tutorials, track users’ behaviors, embed documentation or provide chatbots.


Integrate the authentication service of your choice into your project’s login screen


Kleeen generates all the API hooks for easy integration with the API technologies and data-warehouse(s) of your choice


Kleeen generates full source code for your entire serverless web application stack, so you can use any hosting provider)

… plus many more

Kleeen is the Platform to Connect Your Innovation

This is not a black-box solution, you can hookup any middleware, database, or 3rd part solution, or hosting provider while allowing your team to innovate or create product/domain specific content

Extend Your Style

go beyond Kleeen’s styling with custom CSS to give your product a distinctive look and feel

Extend with Code

provide your own styling, add custom pages, custom widgets, custom modals

Embed Your Favorites

bring in UI content from embedded BI, streams or other services

Unlock Creativity And Let Kleeen Do the Rest

Focus your team’s time and energy on:

  • Creating Totally Novel Workflow via Custom Pages
  • Making Domain-Specific Visualization via Custom Widgets
  • Leveraging complex forms with Custom Modals
  • Highlighting you Company’s Core Value-Prop (AI, Hardware, etc) by integrating your own stack and services
  • Deploying to your hosting provider(s) of choice

Full Code Transparency

You get all the source Code

Your Stack, Your Way

No Black Box, hookup any API

No Data Duplication

Your End-Points with Your Database(s)

Customize: Never Be Limited

Add custom content, authentication and styling

Automate and Still Own The Code

Don’t change your process — don’t change your stack. Just think of Kleeen like another developer and offload work to free up your high-value resources.

Are You Ready To Move Faster?

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