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Kleeen Software 2.0


Design, Build, and Maintain Your Front-End in Hours — Not Months. 

Kleeen’s AI uses best practices to create your UI design, UX workflows, and front-end code based on what you want your users to do and why.

No Templates. No Drag-And-Drop. No Code

Kleeen Software 2.0


Start with Customer Needs

Our platform enables product and development leaders and their teams to move fast

Kleeen Software 2.0

Starting With Customer Needs

Input customer’s goals, workflows, and the actions they will take to drive business outcomes

Kleeen Software 2.0

Working like humans think

Author based on intent, not “programming by picture”

Kleeen Software 2.0

No Code Actually Means No Coding

Create your front-end without coding SQL, Javascript, CSS or HTML

Kleeen Software 2.0Kleeen Software 2.0


Preview, Validate and Test

In 3-5 Minutes, get an Instant Prototype:
 fully functional front-end with simulated backend data, running live on Kleeen Cloud

Engage with Your Product

Engage with Your Customers

Engage with Instant Prototype

Kleeen Software 2.0

Show – don’t tell
Modify your product, click launch Instant Prototype, and have a full prototype in 3-5 minutes. No code. No back-end. No Pictures. No hassle.

Not Mockups – But a Real UI
Unlike static mockups, you can fully interact with your Instant Prototype. The interactions and edits feel real because they are!

Validate Before You Code
The Kleeen platform makes product iteration a truly collaborative experience with instant prototypes. You and your customers can directly engage with the real UI – without coding.

Kleeen Software 2.0Kleeen Software 2.0


Your Code, Your Repo, Your Stack

Never be boxed in to an API system, DB architecture, or any other part of your stack under the front-end.


Export all your serverless front end source code directly into your Git-repository with one button click. 

  • Push "Export to Git"

    30 seconds later, all changes, updates, assets and code are set to your Git

  • Approve PR

    Just like you split your dev team to work on different parts of your project, Kleeen integrates with your current approval workflows – they just are super productive

  • Complete API Hooks

    Kleeen provides hooks for every API need. Simply add in calls to any API technology (REST, GraphQL, Kafka, etc)as your would plumb your system today.

  • Add Custom Content

    You are never boxed-in or limited to what Kleeen can design. Have your own talented design and dev team add in any custom Pages, Widgets, Modals or Alerts as you would today – adding that custom sizzle to make your product shine.

Kleeen Insights

While BI tools can be stylish, dynamic, and inviting, they have limited utility for empowering knowledge workers to take action. Solutions like Kleeen Software are needed to help connect insights gleaned from data visualizations to business logic, services and CRUD operations.

As trite as it may be, the iceberg metaphor applies to the product front end development process. The visible part is, in fact, the visible part of your UI; everything else is underwater – not seen by you or your customers. You can spend lots of time working on “necessary UI development” and still look to your customer like you have nothing to show for it. Or, you can let Kleeen do all that and concentrate on noticeably improving the visible part.

The notion that we don’t have a deeply vested commitment to the front-ends we have built – because our value proposition is in the back-end, the systems, the services, algorithms and data. The front end is just the gateway for our customers to access our value, and be able to be updated and improved with little effort, responding to your customers.


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