Welcome to Daniel Rosenberg

We are pleased to welcome Daniel Rosenberg as an Adviser to Kleeen Software. Dan is an adjunct professor of UX at San Jose State University. Early in his career he introduced many UX methods and inventions that are now common practice. He also authored some of the first books on UX in the 1980’s including Human Factors in Product Design (Elsevier 1991), the first consumer product focused Human Factors textbook. Over a 40-year career in the field, Dan served as the head of UX at Oracle for 11 years and SAP for 7 years. In addition to Enterprise software he also works in the medical product and consumer domains.

He serves on the advisory board of the Interaction Design Foundation and edits the “Business of UX” Forum in ACM Interactions magazine. He is also an advisor to both startups and Fortune 500 companies. He consults as an interaction designer through his firm rcdoux.com.

Dan is the recipient of the 2019 ACM SigCHI Lifetime practice award.